What is the Possibility Engine?

When we came up with the idea for Thicket to focus on solving complex social problems, we knew existing social science-based research and design tools were not robust enough to serve our needs. We needed to be able to quickly understand a complex system, analyze the system’s ability to adapt to different conditions, and provide a space for multiple stakeholder to express their opinions with no threat of being ignored or disregarded. And we needed to be able to do all of these things quickly, efficiently, and at scale. When we discovered fuzzy cognitive mapping, the model fell into place. We built The Possibility Engine to power our complex problem solving process. The Possibility Engine unlocks research, dialogue, and design tools for complex social systems of all kinds across many industries. The platform specializes in understanding and solving people problems. The Possibility Engine powers Thicket’s projects, but can also provide a technology solution for companies and organizations seeking a database solution, a data collection tool, a group decision modeling environment, and many other applications.