Testing potential for impact

When MIT-incubated startup Sourcewater first talked to us about designing an impact model to demonstrate their vision, we were intrigued. We wanted to see how unconventional energy could be a pathway to more sustainable water practices nationwide.

Sourcewater matches energy companies with impaired and fresh water sources to help maximize wastewater recycling, secure water supplies, and minimize costs. By meeting the unique water needs of unconventional energy producers today, Sourcewater is building a supply of non-freshwater sources to meet the nation’s increasing water needs in the future.

Sourcewater’s theory of change relies on complex and nonlinear factors. A traditional analytic solution couldn’t accurately capture the intersection of economic, environmental, and social issues at play. Using the Possibility Engine, we modeled Sourcewater’s circular economic impact to demonstrate how it uses market mechanisms to spur sustainable resource use.

Read the Sourcewater Vision for Impact report.

Business model design is just one way Thicket uses the Possibility Engine, our technology platform. We use it to visualize stakeholders, issues, activities, and value chains together while testing how they interact. It’s a powerful way to to turn shared knowledge into real world outcomes at transformative speeds.