About our mission

Thicket helps people harness the power of complexity to think and work together in systems.

We are in a period of dramatic social and technological change. As the circulation of people, resources, and ideas accelerates, results of all this human activity amplify. We’re seeing a new intensity and scale in areas of human development like health, trade, and urbanism, and learning.

Systems, structures, and modes of behavior responding to these development challenges are straining to accommodate a scope they were not originally designed to serve.

We need to adapt human systems and structures to our current needs. We need new communication and collaboration tools to reshape how we go about our business. We need to find new ways to keep up with ourselves. At Thicket, we’re finding ways to move from creating change within systems to changing the systems themselves. We develop visual tools to clarify complex problems, build ideas in collaboration, and empower people to make decisions they can trust.

In 2014, we built the Possibility Engine, a custom social mapping technology platform. The Possibility Engine powers our ability to map human systems and manage complex social dynamics at scale. Together, Thicket & The Possibility Engine present a comprehensive solution to manage human complexity.

We believe that by responding to systems-based challenges at the human level, we can build stronger infrastructure to connect individuals, communities, and systems.