From January 2015

Using chocolate treats to teach children about inequality

Anyone with experience of working or living with children will know their ability to detect injustice is highly developed – “but it’s not fair” is a regular refrain. However we rarely ask them to channel this natural flair for fairness into productive and critical discussion about the nature of equality,…

Small Steps: A documentary on design for early childhood systems

In South Carolina, one think tank is taking a fresh approach to redesigning the complex systems that surround children and their families. Last year, the Institute for Child Success embarked on a special exploration of the potential for design thinking to tackle complex, systems-level challenges in early childhood health and…

Five steps to achieving impact with research

James Georgalakis, newly appointed Director of Communications and Impact at the Institute of Development Studies outlines the IDS approach to effective research uptake. Among the recommendations: Understand policy, power and knowledge contexts. Cognitive mapping is an excellent tool to master the context.

Mobile Learning Futures

DML’s S. Craig Watkins writes that technology is abundant in many schools — computers, digital video, tablets, graphics applications, and video editing and game authoring software. But school districts often seriously limit the ability of teachers and students to use the technology to truly transform learning.