Thicket is a design lab and consultancy focused on the human element in complex systems. We harness the power of collaboration through technology.

Thicket creates products and experiences that improve how people share ideas and work together to unlock opportunities for growth.

Our clients gain measurable improvements in discovery, design, and decision making outcomes to move forward, faster.

Our process

We draw from design thinking, systems thinking, and visual thinking. Together these approaches frame problems in the context of systems, explain why simple fixes often fail, and allow for more effective design solutions.

Design Thinking

We use a nimble, iterative process that takes us from discovery to delivery.

Systems Thinking

We frame problems in the context of complex systems to design more effective solutions.

Visual Thinking

We create visual systems to distill complex ideas into shared knowledge.

Our technology platform

The Possibility Engine is our collective intelligence platform. We use it to clarify complex problems, build ideas in collaboration, and empower people to make decisions they can trust.

Map complex, interconnected systems

Analyze perspectives to develop shared goals

Validate group decisions with scenario planning

Monitor and evaluate collective impact