Thicket is pioneering new approaches to research, dialogue, and design in complex human systems. In 2014, we built the Possibility Engine to support our work.

The Possibility Engine is a complexity management platform. Use it to bring groups of people together to have discussions, make decisions, and develop shared goals.

Test Ideas

How does a university overhaul its programs and attract new talent?

An inclusive innovation program that's open, live, responsive.

Align Priorities

How does a city overhaul transit for millions of users across political agendas and regulatory constraints?

A participatory design process that's flexible, integrated, iterative.

Connect Practices

How does a national advocacy group deliver value for local chapters and national HQ?

A needs assessment that's localized, networked, action-oriented.

Bridge Boundaries

How does a multinational plan strategy in the face of culture, language, and local needs?

A dashboard that's adaptive, visual, real-time.

Visual Interface

Communication and collaboration now has a visual language. Document processes and compare assumptions about complex ideas.

Predictive Scenarios

Predictive analytics are transforming how we turn data into decisions. Use predictive scenarios to evaluate potential outcomes and impacts for more informed decision making.

Social Network Analytics

Social network analysis maps and measures relationships and flows between people and information systems. Use social network analysis to transform data into strategy.

API Platform

We’ve distilled our tools into easy to use APIs. Talk to us about using our APIs to plug complexity management functions and analytics into your dashboards, websites, and apps quickly and effortlessly.